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Privacy Policy

At Flick Idea, we build analytics into our games to help us to improve them to give the user the best possible game experience. This samples anonymous non-personal data that simply allows us to find out what users do and do not like. Flick Idea fully respects the user’s privacy and never collects information that could be directly linked to the user. Flick Idea also displays advertisements to fund the creation of these games. This is all governed by the following privacy policy:

Unless explicitly given the opportunity to accept this policy inside an app, please note that by using or otherwise accessing any Flick Idea mobile application, you are agreeing to this privacy policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, please do not use or otherwise access our applications.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is effective from 1st January 2020 and was enacted to provide California consumers with greater transparency and control over their personal information.

Flick Idea, through using ads in some of our apps, disclose limited user data to ad networks in order to provide users with targeted relevant ads. Under CCPA, this constitutes selling of personal information, and therefore we provide the required general opt-out link in our apps. Outside of disclosing this limited data to ad networks, Flick Idea does not sell any user personal information.

To learn more about what limited data we disclose to ad networks, please view the Ad Networks section below, which also provides links to the privacy policies of the ad networks we use.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from 25th May 2018. It is designed to strengthen rights to privacy and make sure that all companies deal with all personal data covered by GDPR according to EU and UK laws.

This Privacy Policy will show what information we collect, why and what it is used for. We store data securely.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Flick Idea complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the U.S. and does not knowingly collect personal information about children.

Anonymous Data

Flick Idea may collect and use anonymous data, via Google Analytics (and Google Analytics for Firebase). We cannot identify you from this data. The data is pooled to give us general statistics on our audience and usage of our apps.

Google Analytics collects an app-instance identifier — a randomly generated number that identifies a unique installation of an App. Whenever a user resets their Advertising Identifier (Advertising ID on Android, and ID for Advertisers on iOS), the app-instance identifier is also reset.

For example, Google Analytics automatically samples a user’s country and city, chosen device language, device model and make, screen resolution, app version being used, operating system version, mobile phone network. This pooled data provides statistics that can help us determine, for example, where our apps are being most commonly used, and on which devices. This can help us determine how to update our apps going forward.

Google Analytics also automatically collects data including app sessions numbers, session lengths, screen visits, flow from screen to screen, and app acquisition data (where a user came from to install an app). Alongside data that is automatically collected by Google Analytics, we also collect our own anonymous data on our app usage through Google Analytics. This includes game settings chosen, game results and other general UI events. Taken together, this data allows us to improve our apps in many ways. For example, if a high proportion of users can’t beat level 1 in our game, we need to make it easier. Such data can also help us improve artwork in the game (by knowing what styles are most popular), or help us determine default option settings. We also collect data on which of our apps are installed, so that we have a better idea of which apps might be popular with users of another of our apps. We also track the effectiveness of our in-app cross-promotion (promoting our own other apps).

We plan to provide an opt-out option in our apps for the collection of this anonymous data in the future.

Apps of ours that also contain the Facebook SDK will provide us with just anonymous pooled data from Facebook about users accessing the apps, such as their country, city, language, gender and age, along with data about how the Facebook components in the app have been used. It does not access any of the other user behaviour or broader personal data that Facebook can collect. We cannot access any information about a user’s Facebook account as our apps do not login into Facebook. Some older versions of our apps with the Facebook share button on the intro screen have the Facebook SDK but latest versions of our apps (with Facebook icon linking to their site or no Facebook icon at all) have no Facebook SDK.

None of this collected data can be linked to any individual, and it is pooled to provide us with general usage and audience statistics. Flick Idea reserves the right to use the collected anonymous data ourselves or disclose it to our partners.

Online Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer in our TicTacToe apps uses Google’s Firebase (Realtime Database and Cloud Functions) alongside Google Play Games accounts. Signing into multiplayer requires a Google Play Games account.

The Firebase Realtime Database only contains basic data required to allow multiplayer to work, such as a list of matches the user is part of and the details of each match. Only Google Play Games user IDs and Google Play Games user names (both of which are anyway publicly available in the Google Play Games system) are used to identify users in the database. We do not store any other personal data for any users in the database (i.e. no real name, no date of birth, no email address, etc).


Some of our Free apps now use Google’s Firebase Crashlytics, which provides us with more detailed crash data in order to track down and fix problems in the apps. This system provides us with details such as device type, Android version, time of the crash, and crash logs. The crash reports are anonymous and no personally identifiable data is sent to us.

Emailed Personal Information

Any personal information sent to us by email will be stored by our email systems. Your email address will be used to respond to your email and we may also ask if you would like to be a beta tester for one of our apps. We won’t ask for any personal information that we don’t need. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will hold your details and email newsletters to you a few times a year.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter you can unsubscribe at any time using the link in any of our newsletters or otherwise sending an email to let us know.

Any data that we do collect will be kept securely in accordance with the current and new data regulations.

Your Access to Your Information

It is your right to access information held about you. GDPR means we have to provide you with a copy of all requested personal data. Flick Idea holds about you within 30 days of receiving your request.

If the data Flick Idea hold on you is incorrect, you have the right to correct this. You also have the right to “erasure” so if you don’t want Flick Idea to have any of your information, we will remove any personal information Flick Idea hold on you.

Personal Information and Third Parties

We keep sales data from third parties including Google Play, iTunes and Amazon to review sales and provide refunds. We don’t share your personal information with third parties except where necessary to provide the service you are requesting or where we are legally obliged.

Third-Party Terms and Conditions

Please note that certain third parties, including but not limited to application stores, may be needed in order for you to access our mobile applications. These third parties have their own privacy policies which Flick Idea cannot control.

Updates to this Policy

We may revise our privacy policy from time to time. When we do, those changes will be reflected here (as accessed via our app pages on the relevant application store). Any significant change we make to data usage will be drawn to your attention via our apps. We encourage you to review this privacy policy from time to time. Your continued use of our applications will signify your acceptance of the changes to this privacy policy.

Ad Networks

Advertisers who serve ads may use technology which can uniquely identify mobile devices to deliver better target messages and control number of times you get an Add. Add Networks may access your unique device identifier through their own technologies and use it to target advertising to you.

Advertisers make available links through advertisements or otherwise enabling you to access third party sites, tools or games. Please note that, while using such sites, tools or games, you are not affiliated with or controlled by us.

Flick Idea applications use Google AdMob ads as primary ad service with included collaboration (ad mediation) with AppBrain and InMobi ad networks.